Transmission Tips

At East Side Transmission, we have over 100 years of combined experience. Listed below are some helpful tips to help your transmission last as long as possible.
Eastside Transmissions Madison WI

– We recommend servicing your transmission once a year, or every 25,000 to 30,000 miles.

– Most late model cars, trucks and commercial trucks can benefit from installing a transmission cooler.

– Check your transmission fluid to make sure that it is full. Your fluid should look healthy and red in color.

– If you notice a transmission leak, it should be fixed immediately. Driving a vehicle low on transmission fluid can cause the clutches to burn up.

Eastside Transmissions Madison WI

The automatic transmission allows engine torque and power to be transmitted to the drive wheels within a narrow range of engine operating speeds. The transmission will allow the engine to turn fast enough to produce plenty of power and torque at very low speeds, while keeping it at a sensible rpm at high vehicle speeds.
The transmission uses a light fluid as the medium for the transmission of power. This fluid also operates the hydraulic control circuits and acts as a lubricant. Because the transmission fluid performs all of these three functions, trouble within the unit can easily travel from one part to another.

The automatic transmission operates on a principle that fluids cannot be compressed, and that when put into motion, will cause a similar reaction upon any resisting force. To understand this law of fluids, think of two fans placed opposite each other.

If one fan is turned on, it will begin to turn the opposite fan blades. This principle is applied to the operation of the fluid coupling and torque converter by using driving and driven members in place of fan blades.