Eastside Transmissions is a full service auto repair center. We specialize in transmission services, but also are happy to work on your brakes, suspension, cooling system, and engine. Call us at 608-221-9033 for questions on our services.

Read below for a short description of the services we provide or click on the link for more detail.


oil-change-iconOil Changes & Preventative Maintenance

We provide all recommended vehicle maintenance services. This includes oil and fluid changes, filter inspection and replacement, belt inspection and replacement, battery replacement and tire rotation. We will also inspect and replace windshield wipers and light bulbs and perform tune-ups.


 shifter-iconTransmission Services

We repair all types of car and light duty truck transmissions. We work on automatic and manual, 4-wheel drive, transfer cases and differentials. We offer transmission system flushes and transmission fluid service. If you think that you may have a transmission or driveline problem, just drive it in and we will take it for a road test while you wait. There is no need to schedule and appointment for a road test.


brake-icon Brake Services

We will inspect your brakes at no charge to determine what needs to be addressed. We replace pads and shoes and either resurface or replace drums and rotors on both front and rear brakes. We can also address hydraulics and ABS systems.


suspension-iconSuspension System Services

We will inspect coils, shocks, and struts and diagnose problems related to your vehicle’s suspension system. We offer repair services on all elements of suspension including shocks, struts, drive axles, tie rods, ball joints, bushings, CV boots, U joints, sway bars, and wheel bearings.


exhaust-iconExhaust System Services

We repair and replace mufflers, pipes and other exhaust system components including catalytic converters, O2 sensors, and all other elements of your exhaust system. We will provide a free inspection of your exhaust system.


cooling-iconCoolant System & Radiator Services

We provide coolant flushes and refills, radiator repair and placement, water pump repair and replacement as well address any other component of your vehicles engine cooling system.


check-engine-iconEngine Repair Services

We provide diagnostic services to decipher all check engine light codes using ODBII dignostic equipment. We also perform engine repair and replacement services.


Eastside Transmissions Madison WI Eastside Transmissions Madison WI

Eastside Transmissions Madison WI Eastside Transmissions Madison WI